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Gabe Altman D.C., Chiropractor, Co-Owner Kinetix365

A never-ending resource for health needs describes Patrick well. As a clinician, it’s very hard to find people who safely evaluate a person’s needs and desires with risk assessment and honesty. Patrick is the go-to for not just training, but a full arsenal of health needs. His tailored #murphytrained plans are the gold standard in the health industry.


Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes

I had neck surgery and thought working out would be a thing of the past till I met Patrick Murphy.

Patrick is so good at understanding what workout you need to be the best version of yourself. Allows keeping me healthy, lean and strong. Ready for anything.

I don’t think I would’ve made it through my last tour without the help of Patrick Murphy. His guidance in training has kept me balanced. I look forward to seeing what the years will bring. Patrick is such a knowledgeable trainer. From sets and reps to weights and food. If you give him the time he’ll give you the reason to keep coming back

Like in any profession your are always looking for the best to work with. Look no further.

Get your PM in the A.M

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Sean Hayes, Will & Grace

Patrick is so in tune with each of his clients, he can read your energy the second you walk into the gym and then he adjusts the workout according to those levels. He has the ability of finding the right balance between pushing you to achieve your goals while understanding your limitations.


Keanu Reeves

Patrick Murphy... Thank you so much for all your support and expertise in helping me be ready and survive John Wick 3... and the laughs... you are awesome and amazing. My appreciation. My gratitude. Yours, Keanu. Boom Bam Kapow!


Chad Stahelski, Director John Wick

As a director and owner of 87eleven Action Design, I often have to prepare Hollywood actors and actresses for action roles. We frequently rely on Patrick to bring the talent up to a physical level that these demanding roles require. Patrick has a unique ability to modify the workouts to fit the needs of the client, which is extremely important when getting talent ready for specific roles. He also has the perfect degree of professionalism that motivates his clients and also allows them to feel at ease. Patrick is assured to meet your expectations with a guided diet plan and a personalized training regimen.


Zak Efron

Patrick pushed me to my "functional" limits with a very multifaceted style... strength, explosiveness, fast paced, calculated, diverse, and gut wrenching workouts.

Baywatch Body Workout: Phase 1 & 2

Alexandra Daddario

Patrick completely changed my body and re-focused my lifestyle. I had no more lower back pain, and he focused on the right movements that built strength and minimized risk of injury. I love the way my body looks in baywatch… I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Baywatch Body Workout: Phase 1 & 2

Christopher Hudspeth, BuzzFeed

I weighed 190 pounds at the start of this, and after eight weeks with Patrick Murphy, I’m down to 169. I feel better in ways I hadn’t even realized I was ailing. My improved endurance allows me to go harder for longer during cardio, and lingering knee pain I’d had for months has gone away entirely.

Baywatch Body Workout: Phase 1 & 2

Allan Heinberg, Screenwriter Wonder Woman, The Sandman

Last summer, I worked out with a trainer who is NOT Patrick Murphy, and I ruptured two vertebrae. My doctor recommended immediate surgery. Instead, I worked out with Patrick Murphy three times a week, and now my back and I are stronger and healthier than ever.

Patrick Murphy is a skillful, attentive, resourceful, ego-free personal trainer — and you will never catch him checking his phone during your time together. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andrew Heffernan, Men’s Health

To take a guy from normal-looking to Rock-like in a few short months, drug-free? That’s the Holy Grail of fitness.

Baywatch Body Workout: Phase 1 & 2

Aisha Naeem

When I reached out to Mr Murphy, I was 33, desperately ill, on countless medication for depression, and overweight. I had no energy, I had severe gut issues and joint pain. Mr Murphy designed my workouts around my joint issues, put me on fantastic probiotics for my gut, bone broth and cultured vegetables. Ooh and ginger shots for inflammation! He gave me a nutrition plan and I kept a food journal that he would check up on. A year and three months later, I’ve lost 57 pounds, I have incredible energy, I have no joint pain and my gut is better than ever. I have never gone so long on my own without hurting myself or having some sort of knee issue. But with him, he specializes in corrective exercise so its smart training! I think Mr Murphy is blessed with the gift to heal people. He genuinely cares about getting you to be in optimal health. The best thing for me was that he got me off of my meds! I am 100% medication free - no more depression or blood pressure! He is also incredibly sensitive, a great listener and gives great advice. I trust him completely. I would say RUN, don’t walk, to work with him! He will truly change your life.


Olivia Wilde, Tron

Thank you Patrick, for making me temporarily ripped like a racehorse.