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Isolation Workout Station | $10

Isolation Workout Station


Full Body Calisthenics




Balance, Correct, Moderate Power & Strength

Fitness Level

Beginner - Advanced


The Isolation Workout Station was created by Patrick Murphy, in collaboration with Alexandra Daddario and Kate Easton, to offer a program that can be done with no tools, as a way to keep moving and exercising while at home! Proceeds from this video will go to First Star, an organization that improves the lives of foster youth by partnering with child welfare agencies, universities, and school districts to ensure foster youth have the academic support needed to transition to higher education successfully. Because of the global pandemic, many of these children have been left without the technology or resources necessary to continue their education, as many schools have closed. These donations will help provide access to computers and other online resources to ensure to that no child falls behind.

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