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InStyle - August, 2014

Patrick Murphy gives The Fit Girl's Guide To Snacking... Bottom's Up!

InStyle - November, 2013

How Jena Malone got into shape for Catching Fire (... by who else but Patrick Murphy, of course!). Get the great deets in this article!

Seventeen Magazine - November, 2013

Patrick Murphy takes the "Tween" set through some Hunger Games, Catching Fire killer moves that got his client, Jennifer Lawrence, in shape for the blockbuster film!

Vogue Australia - January, 2013

Patrick Murphy is featured in the February Issue of Vogue Australia as one of The Body Sculptors! Check out his tips for red-carpet transformation!

Shape Magazine - October, 2012

Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy shares a 20 minute calorie blaster in Shape Magazine's November issue!

US Weekly - January, 2011

Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy takes Olivia Wilde's (star of Tron) Butt to a whole new level! Check out the quote US Weekly's 2011 Diets That Work!

InStyle - December, 2010

Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy gives the low down on how Olivia Wilde transformed her body for Tron!

InStyle - December, 2010

Fitsugar explores how to tackle the Holiday Table with tips from Patrick Murphy!

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