Hello Friends!

It’s been a long time coming but the MurphyFitness.com re-launch has finally arrived! 

Check out my new blog to get the latest on the world of health, fitness and nutrition! Look for posts on gym tips, food, exercise, class reviews, motivation and much, much more!

News and announcements will be updated on the dot so you can be sure to catch me in the Mags, on TV, or wherever I may be.

Head to the FAQ page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions in the fitness biz.

Check out the store and purchase MF clothing, Life Extension Supplements, Food Guides, Workouts and Fitness Tools. Occasionally there will be Free Fitness or Nutrition downloads, so check back often!

And finally… the long-awaited Membership section has arrived, where you can get access to the same information, advice and analysis that I give to my one-on-one clients, such as in-depth meal plans, workouts, and personal motivation. Members will have access to all the downloadable PDFs in the store, and of course will get their very own special messages, video postings and workouts.

Take a look around, enjoy, and let me know where we might improve… I’d love to get your input as we grow!

Patrick Murphy