To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse: The Ritual Reset


I have been a full time trainer for almost 18 years, and I see over 40 clients every week. One of the most consistent nutrition questions I get is, "How do you feel about cleansing?"

The word "cleanse", to me, has a tricky connotation. For most people, to cleanse would mean to just eat healthier, organic, unprocessed, pesticide free foods including a whole lot of fruit and veggies, cut out the alcohol and coffee, and VOILA... you are cleansed! For me, this is a normal diet... 85% of the time. 

I have seen many cleanse programs pass through the press, and I have never wanted to give accolades to any of them, or to recommend them to any of my clients, until now. I was recently told about the Ritual Cleanse, a 100% organic, raw juice cleanse with an added boost for workout enthusiasts, that enables you to workout while going through the cleanse process. Organic, raw, can still workout, AND biodegradable bottles too... ok, I'm in!

I chose to try the Seasonal Reset Cleanse with the Shred component. The seasonal option allows for some variety in the the juices, adding seasonal fruits to one of your beverages. The drinks incorporate nutritionally dense, low calorie organic greens, vegetables, fruits and nuts, which are basically "superfoods" in juiced form. They include such products as mango, pineapple, spinach, kale, ginger, cashews, apples and more. 

I was nervous to begin. I had a 12 hour day ahead of me training clients, and I would normally eat 2800 - 3000 calories to fuel this kind of day. Would I be able to make it through and feel alert and focused with approximately 900 calories?

My Reset appeared on my front doorstep on time, by 6:30am. It included 24, 17oz beverages in a cooler bag, to be consumed over the next three days. The bottles are numbered 1-6 and are to be consumed every 2-3 hours. The pre-shred and post-shred beverages are taken before and after your workout. Easy to pack, and easy to follow!

The Pleasant Surprise Day 1: I knew, from what I heard, that the drinks would be delicious, but I was truly excited to try each one... that's how good they were. I also had amazing energy throughout the day, fit in a high intensity resistance training workout, and rode my bicycle 10 miles to work for my night shift and I never experienced a crash, headache, or any other negative symptoms that I had expected to feel. My clients that know me well, were amazed!

One side effect that was difficult for me was the flushing of fluids, even through the night. Multiple bathroom trips were not fun, especially since it disrupted my all-important sleep, but Day 2 brought another natural high and no fatigue, despite less sleep than normal. My skin looked refreshed, and I was looking leaner with the loss of 2lbs of water weight. 

On Day 2 I had another great workout, this time a 10K run, and not one yawn throughout the day!

By Day 3 I already knew I would share this experience with my very picky clients (I've taught them well). I'd lost more weight (in a healthy way), was visibly leaner, and had managed to stay happy and energized (VERY important since my clients feed off of my mood and well-being). 

I would recommend this cleanse to anyone. It is important to note, though, that I was not "toxic" to begin with. If daily alcohol and caffeine consumption, along with non-organic foods laced with sodium nitrates, pesticides, MSG, etc. are the reality of your diet, this cleanse will give you a hard time in the beginning... as it should! Will it be worth it to reestablish your mindset, filter your internal organs, and get you on the right track to make healthier food choices? Absolutely! Sometimes we all need to hit the Reset button. 

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