October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and my October Murphy Fit-Star is a Breast Cancer Survivor! See how staying fit not only fights the battle against the disease, but how it can also bring the self-awareness necessary to detect it!


I had been working with Ngoc Nguyen for a while, when in January of 2008 she noticed some sharp pains in her chest. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation...and she kept working out through the entire battle.

I have heard EVERY excuse in the book when it comes to skipping a workout, but Ngoc, with every reason available to give an excuse, never gave one. She fought through, and credits her physical strength prior to cancer as the reason she was prepared to overcome the obstacles in front of her. 

Today she is cancer free, and I am so proud of her! Congratulations Ngoc!

Please remember that staying fit allows for greater body awareness and, in my opinion, can be a crucial part of early detection. It will also, as stated above, prepare you physically for the treatment. New studies (USATODAY.com) also show that lifting weights and a wider variety of exercises are encouraged for breast cancer survivors post-treatment. Proper nutrition, combined with regular exercise, may also help reduce the risk of recurrence.