First off, I want to thank everyone in NY for the hospitality and warm reception I received (both from the people and the weather...68 degrees and sunny last week!). 

























Monday began with a personal workout... a run through Central Park. What a wonderful place to experience! I know I have more outdoor space to play with in Los Angeles, but I have to get in my car and drive there. It was great to step outside, run three blocks, and be at my destination. Sometimes convenience is key to getting that workout in!


























Midday I met my hosts at Gravity spa and fitness. Fitness Director, Craig Rogers and his staff rolled out the red carpet for my guests and myself. Thanks Craig for creating the space and time for us! Fitness Magazine editors Lindsey Emery and Mary Anderson gave 110% and rocked the workout I gave them. It's so nice to finally meet in person the people I email tips to on a regular basis!

Via Twitter, Lindsey said: "Great total body workout and stretch yesterday with @MurphyFit"

Myself, Wendy and Craig Rogers























At 6:00pm, our Twitter contest winner, Wendy Licis, arrived from OHIO, and literally came straight from the airport for her first workout of two. I couldn't let her go the extra mile and not do the same myself, so I upped the prize package for her. She did a fantastic job and learned some new moves that she is now implementing into her program back home.

Via Twitter, Wendy said: "After a fantastic workout yesterday with Patrick Murphy I can't wait to do it again today and learn even more about getting the most out of it."

Working core and abs with an off-center weight.


























Day Two brought more sunshine both in and out of the gym. After battling traffic to get to Le Parker Meridien, Wendy worked out some aggression with a supersetting, full body workout that put a smile on her face. 

Kickbacks with balance thrown in.

























Overall, I give my first Twitter contest an A+++ ...Great response from my followers, a lovely winner and an educational experience for all. I can't wait to tell you about my ideas for the next one!

Via Twitter, Wendy said: "Just finished another amazing workout with Patrick Murphy at Gravity. Learned a lot about neuromuscular importance when working out. Many, many thanks to Patrick and his lovely wife for a wonderful 48 hours of hard work and learning. What a great experience! Thank u!!"

At noon, Meghan Murphy, from Self Magazine, stopped by Gravity for a session. I was basically told to "Bring It", so I knew I had a natural athlete on my hands. I threw a "signature" Murphy Fitness workout her way and I believe she achieved more variety in a workout than she's ever had before!

Myself, my friend Michael and my wife Dee before heading to Hamlet.













After a successful day, I was out of the gym and off to the theatre by 6:30 to catch Jude Law in Hamlet (thanks sis!). I can't visit NY without a little Broadway. 

Wednesday I took my first trip to Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights) to meet up with my literary agent Brandi at Tazza. Over a healthy white bean salad (mesclun greens, tuna, grape tomatoes, nicoisse olives, olive oil and fresh lemon dressing), we discussed the content and possible layout for my first book. It's going to to take some time and some patience, but I'm so excited. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Final stop...back to the city to meet Jessica Mehalic at US Weekly for another face-to-face. Thank you Jessica for opening up your day!

Thursday was my last day in New York and I have to say I was sad to go. I met Marisa Zafran, Director of Public Relations for Le Parker Meridien, for breakfast. She was full of energy and a lot of fun, and we might just have a little something up our sleeves for all of you in the near future. Stay tuned!

Again, thanks to everyone for your part in making this trip such a success. I can't wait to come back... in a New York Minute :)

View from the High Line Park.