A happy YOU will make a happy year! Although your health is just a slice of your personal life pie chart, it drastically affects the other pieces too...such as your relationships, work productivity, etc. It's a bigger percentage of your happiness than you probably realize. Well I've got some tips and "smart changes" I'd like you to take a look at to start your new healthy, happy YOU year... right here!

We can all reach our health and fitness goals in 2010. Let's start by letting GO of some bad habits. It has been scientifically proven that BOTH good and bad habits take about two weeks to break... so don't you dare break the good ones... go after the bad! After all, two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things, right? Don't get down on yourself if you fail either. Assess the reason for the slip... and move right along!

A new way to think about these habits is to think about what you are doing with your free time. Sometimes, we use our free time to reward ourselves for hard work done. This might mean a night out with friends that includes drinks and dinner. This is okay... once in a while, but it is important to remember that in order to reach your goals, you must keep company with people that have similar goals in mind. This does not mean I want you to give up your friends, but it does mean (that if a new dedication to health and fitness is your goal) that I want you to make sure you have friends that will also... go for a hike with you, join a sports league with you, meet you at the gym, join you at a new healthy restaurant, etc. If you can't convert, for example, your current friends to skip Chipotle for lunch (you, me, nor ANYONE can compete with the 1500-3000 calorie meals offered), find one new friend who will join you for a homemade healthy lunch in the park. It will be easier (and more rewarding) than you think!

I like to think of this time management skill as the 85%/15% rule. 85% of the time you will be strong and focused on a healthy, active lifestyle. The other 15% of the time... indulge! The longer you keep to these percentages, the stronger they will become. If focusing on a healthy lifestyle means you can only hang out with your drinking buddies 15% of the time, because that's your indulgence... then that's one of your goals for the new year. This could be difficult at first, but you never know, maybe your reluctance to "hang" will start a positive chain reaction and bring your "old school" friends into a new way of thinking and living!

Let's make 2010 full of success, happiness and change. Remember that financial wealth... or any wealth at all, is nothing without your health. It should be a priority! The longer you work on it... the more of a habit it will become, and "working on it" won't be a part of the equation anymore. You can just BE ... healthy! Remember that personal pie chart? Make your health the biggest slice... and go ahead, take a big bite!