Don't Pause for Pregnancy!

... I said as I wrote this blog at 3:30am... but this was an unintentional work hour, pregnancy insomnia had struck again!

Patrick has asked me to give a list of some of my favorite "pregnancy" things, little nuggets that helped me through my 9 months. 

In keeping with the obvious fitness and health subject of our website, I will tell you what I believe has been the best advice, both from hubby and from others, but I'll also throw in a few fun lifestyle tid-bits and tips I've found useful along the way. 

The best lesson for me, as you will see (and one Patrick preaches to his pregnant clients), is barring any health issues or complications... Don't Pause for Pregnancy! Embrace this new physicality and it's challenges. Stay active both physically and mentally, take on new projects (allow those nesting instincts to kick in!) and love your changing body (and the reasons it's going through these changes). In some ways, I feel I accomplished more than ever before through this journey. Now if I can just get some advice on how to keep this up now that baby boy is here... any suggestions? ;)

Dee's Pregnancy Picks: People and places I'd like to give a shout out to:

Patrick Murphy... of course!

I have to admit I was a little nervous to have "Mr. Fitness"/celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy as my pregnancy coach (just how hard core was my hubby going to be?), but it turned out he's more of a softy than I expected. Yes, he wanted me moving (Don't Pause for Pregnancy!), gave me some great workouts, provided the proper supplementation, and barred certain foods from my plate (I ate almost entirely organic through my pregnancy), but he was willing to make SOME late-night runs for some sweets, understood my need for rest, and overall just wanted me healthy and happy. Thank you Patrick for the right mix of motivation vs. understanding! 

As a Christmas gift to honor our new addition, Patrick would like to offer his Murphy Fit-Plan Body WITH Baby - 1...2...3 Trimester Workout for FREE for the next few weeks. Go to the store and download now!

YogaWorks Teacher Training Program with Jeanne Heileman and Joan Hyman & Prenatal Classes with Patti Asad 

Just a couple of weeks into my Teacher's Training and lo and behold... I'm pregnant! Already challenged by the amount of material, and the psychological and emotional demands of the course, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the subsequent 10 weeks of classes, but it turned out to be a sanity saver, both physically and mentally. I had a concrete focus of study, and required physical demands that kept me moving. I also had an emotional support system made up of the best teachers and students/friends someone could ask for. If you find yourself pregnant and in the midst of some new great adventure... don't let your fears flag you down. You may just find that the experience will prepare you for the impending challenges of pregnancy better than you ever expected!

Post training I attended Patti Asad's Prenatal Yoga. Patti has a real calm and gentle demeanor, but keeps the class flowing and makes sure you're working hard, all the way up through 40 weeks!

Prenatal Massage with Jackie Roberts

A little prenatal massage goes A LONG WAY to relieve aches and pains. Lucky for me, one of my assistant teachers from YogaWorks happens to be a massage therapist. She'll come to your home and safely work the kinks out. It's a great investment... go ahead and set aside some money for mommy!

Gap Body/Maternity and Splendid Clothing 

Though not everything I chose was specifically "maternity" in these two brands, I still found them to be ultra comfy and cozy, and able to expand as I did! Gap Body PJ's and undies got me comfortably through the night, and Splendid's dresses, leggings and layers were a staple for day. Already a new addiction... Splendid's "Littles" line. How much do these clothes look like a mini version of Patrick? Too cute! 

As a new mom (and during pregnancy... mom-to-be), with a TON of questions, I found to be a fantastic resource. New product reviews, relevant articles and studies, and blogs by real moms all helped me to feel more prepared. From interviews with pediatricians, to what to pack for the hospital, to links for organic baby gear, this site gets your questions answered. 

Bloom and Cafe Vida 

For my healthy cravings, I hit up Bloom and Cafe Vida for their organic fare, and especially for their fruit and veggie juices, over and over and over again. The Focus (beet, celery, apple, ginger and lemon) drink gave me energy and focus for the day. Cafe Vida's Green Juice (kale, spinach, parsley, celery and apple) became an addiction!

Lily Eichert Photography 

Just when I was starting to feel a little more pregnant than "pretty", I gave my friend and photographer Lily Eichert a call to take some pics... and I'm so happy I did! I felt pretty for the rest of my pregnancy! Take a look at her portfolio and you can see why... she's a natural, and will make you feel like one too. 

Berlin Wellness Group

Closing in on the end of my pregnancy, my baby remained in a breech position. Dr. Berlin was recommended to me through multiple sources to help create some room and comfort for both baby and me. Dr. Berlin uses massage and chiropractic techniques to help release the soft tissues in the pelvis, and hopefully to get baby to find the room to turn. We found that due to a short umbilical cord, Parker wouldn't make the turn, but I left my sessions with Dr. Berlin feeling more open, relaxed and calm, and the visits were well worth it! His group offers many other prenatal and postpartum resources, including breast feeding consultations, couples counseling, acupuncture, referrals for Pediatricians and more.

...and last, but not least... I'd like to thank On Demand... for nights when I didn't have a blog to write, you supplied me with movies both good and bad to help me through my insomnia. I couldn't have made it through without you!

Happy Holidays everyone... post pregnancy tips to come in 2011!

Love: Dee Patrick & Parker