It is important to Patrick and to his clients to eat organic, so to practice what we preach, and to learn a little about gardening, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at our own tomato plant, right on our front porch, with some added basil along the edges too. I figured we could start small before we "grow" addition to the fact that I will really need to search out space in our backyard to produce a viable garden.

I must say that I have a newfound respect for anyone who takes this responsibility on. From soil consistency, moisture levels, calcium deficiency (see those yellow leaves!) and pest control (with no pesticides!)...there has been a lot to learn. Did you know that the copper in pennies keeps snails away?

Like an anxious mom, I check in on this plant multiple times per day, worried about every little spot or droopy branch, but it seems to be thriving and I couldn't be more proud!

Here is a pic of our growing tomatoes. I'll let you know how they taste!

Yours in fitness and health, 

Dee Murphy