Assuming you've mastered the basics (Beginner's workout, Phase 1 of my Max Results Cardio Program), AND you've established stabilization and good posture... then you're ready to try some circuit training. I use circuit training to get clients like Roselyn Sanchez and Olivia Wilde ready for photo shoots and filming. Circuit training has been scientifically proven to burn mass calories and drastically increase endurance...and it's fun!

Below is a sample (one circuit) from Burn Baby Burn. Try it out at the gym this weekend! Perform the 5 exercises in the circuit all in a row, then rest 2 minutes, and then perform again!

Exercise 1

Dumbbell Chest Press on Balance Ball














Keep your hips down with your back on the ball. Focus on your chest. 


Exercise 2

"Imaginary Chair" Lat Pulldown


















Pull from your elbows and focus on the muscles just underneath your armpit

Exercise 3

Squat to Calf Raise with Dumbbells


















Don't move too quickly. Go for a nice, high calf raise!


Exercise 4

Squat Jumps with Dumbbells


















Keep straight lines with your knees and feet, and repeat quickly. 

Exercise 5

Alternating Jump Lunges














Keep straight lines with your knees and feet and repeat quickly. Don't let your torso collapse. Catch some air on the switch!

For the complete workout, go here!