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InStyle - September, 2010

Get up close and personal with Patrick Murphy on! Find out his favorite exercises, how he inspires clients to get in shape... and muffin tops? 

Glamour Magazine - June, 2010

Put the "Squeeze" on Summer with Patrick Murphy's Glamour Magazine "Miniskirt Workout" on stands now in the July issue!

Woman's World Magazine - March, 2010

"Exercise that causes you to focus on your balance and coordination improves your neuromuscular efficiency," says expert Patrick Murphy in Woman's World Magazine. 

Fitness Magazine - March, 2010

Grab a chair and check out Patrick's Booty-kickin workout in the April issue of Fitness weights required!

InStyle - Mexico - January, 2010

Trends for 2010-A toned, muscular physique. "People won't fear putting some muscle on their body, because it means adding CURVES, not bulk!", says Patrick Murphy. 

Us Weekly Magazine - December, 2009

No Gym? No Problem! Patrick Murphy gives you an at home shape-up solution with this quick calorie burning plan!

InStyle - September, 2009

Patrick Murphy reveals how to take "Old School" fitness moves "New School" on!

Los Angeles Times - Brand X - July, 2009

Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez get physical with Patrick Murphy! Check it out in the Los Angeles Times Brand X Magazine!

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